4 Top requirements to getting a Dubai Visa without Stress.

Getting Dubai Visa is not as difficult as most people believe.  But there are certain requirements that must be taken into consideration. This is where we come into place.

Dubai Visa Requirements.

1). Age : For males, usually this is not a problem unlike for females (mostly African) where  this can be limiting as most females younger than 30 years of age can be denied Visa.

2). Marital Status: This also applies generally  to African females, as immigration services may deny Visas to unmarried  females.

3). Finance: Dubai immigration may not be overly concerned  about your finances but from your country e.g Nigeria, you are expected to have at least $500 cash and must have made hotel reservations in advance.This will prevent delays to boarding or even missing your flight.

4). Booking return ticket to avoid overstay : This is very important  as overstating even for a day can lead to deportation of the immigrant and subsequent  $2,000 fine for  the Visa agent.

For more information, don’t forget to contact us.


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